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Totalling over half a century of experience in technical allergy market promotion in the Asia Pac region, we propose Precision Allergy Management ™ to help medical professionals manage their patients with allergic diseases.

Hong Kong has a high prevalence of rhinitis and asthma.  Both diseases are commonly caused by environmental factors, such as exposure to air pollution and allergens.  In spite many medical professionals are keen to offer effective allergy diagnosis services and disease modifying treatments, the availability of relevant information to support them is limited.  We hope they would like the updated information around development of allergy disease management in this site.

Precision Allergy Management ™ effectively manages allergy progression and improves the quality of life for patients:

  1. Precise allergy diagnosis
  2. Patient education and disease management plan
  3. Optimized symptomatic treatment with medications
  4. Actively control the exposure to relevant allergens
  5. Causative treatment with allergen immunotherapy
  6. Prevent new sensitization and stop allergy progression

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