ALLERGIKA® sensitive Encasings


Many who are suffering from asthma, atopic dermatitis or allergic rhinitis, are also hypersensitive to dust mite allergens. Using skin tests, about 80 % of the children with asthma symptoms also show sensitization to dust mites. The prevalence of allergies and asthma among very young infants is increasing significantly.


Dust mite allergies may be treated with anti-asthmatics, corticosteroids, desensitization etc.

“Avoidance strategy” is an important part of any allergy therapy – this means avoiding contact with the allergy trigger in the best possible way. ALLERGIKA has been involved in the prevention of dust mite allergy for more than 20 years.

Encasings are part of the allergy treatment regimens of dust mite allergies and highly recommended as an adjuvant measurement in order to protect the patient from the contact with dust mites and their secrements.  Both are highly allergenic.

We have compiled a list of the most important scientific studies on the topics of allergen avoidance and the efficacy of medical encasings.  In the following ALLERGIKA® study portfolio, you will find summaries of the following manuscripts:

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ALLERGIKA® sensitive Encasings

Encasings are recommended by allergy specialists like allergologists, dermatologist, pediatricians, ENT doctors in private practice or hospitals. In most countries, encasings are not reimbursed. ALLERGIKA® sensitive encasings are textiles, which has been especially developed for the protection against dust mites and their increments.

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No.1 in Germany

Germany is one of the few countries where encasings are even reimbursed by the health insurances! This particular situation commands an outstanding and high quality standard requirement.  Since ALLERGIKA has agreements with all German health insurance companies, the quality as well as the service provided has to meet the highest standard. Due to its unmatched technical characteristics and quality ALLERGIKA® sensitive Encasings is No. 1 in Germany, acknowledged by doctors, hospitals, pharmacists as well as patients. ALLERGIKA is commonly perceived as a specialist in allergies.  Most importantly, allergic patients immediately identify themselves with the ALLERGIKA name.

ALLERGIKA® sensitive Encasings meet the highest most advanced technical standard in the prevention of dust mite allergies:

  • Carrier material special uncoated polyester- microfiber: providing an impenetrable barrier for allergens, micro-particles and mites.
  • Very high retention capacity against particles of 1-5µm (97 %): Proven to significantly alleviate the symptoms of persons who are sensitized to dust mites: the main and most important technical characteristic of an encasing!
  • Very high water vapor permeability of Ret 1,72 m2 Pa/W, 9.200 g/m2: a second most important technical characteristic for the comfort of the sleeper!
  • Light-weight material with only 80 g/m2: a most important technical characteristic for the comfort of the sleeper!
  • Haptic supple-velvet-soft and therefore no rustling noises; and light weight: a most important technical characteristic for the comfort of the sleeper!
  • Best workmanship guarantying additional protection at zipper and seams.
  • The material can be washed at 90° centigrade (at this temperature dust mites are killed). Material can be dried in a dryer.
  • Guaranty of 12 years in Germany provided proper use and treatment.


ALLERGIKA® sensitive Encasings have been tested and are certified according to all available standards and test methods:

  1. European CE certified as Medical Device Class I.
  2. TÜV certification as Anti Dust Mite Encasing.
  3. Test for the impenetrable of allergens, micro-particles and mites.
  4. Test for the high water permeability.

Many hospitals in Germany specializing in allergies treatment are using ALLERGIKA® sensitive Encasings, this is especially true for mother and child hospitals.

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